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1.3. DNA codes for genetic information

Remember at the heart of any cell,there is this very long molecule which is called a macromolecule for this reason, which is the DNA molecule. Now we will see that DNA molecules support what is called the "genetic information". So, DNAcodes for genetic information. How? If you consider this doublestrand molecule, DNA molecule, you remember that on each strandof the molecule, there is a succession of nucleotides. You can follow these nucleotides and write their name or moreexactly the initial of their name. And you will get what we call the sequence". Look: C, T, A and so on. The process by which you obtain this sequence of characters of ...
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3.7. Index and suffix trees

We have seen with the Boyer-Moore algorithm how we can increase the efficiency of spin searching through the pre-processing of the pattern to be searched. Now we will see that an alternative way of improving the performance is to pre-process the text itself,the searchable text itself and we will, for that, study two methods, the construction of indexes of fixed length words and the algorithm which uses prefix trees. An index of fixed lengthword, what does it mean? Imagine you have a text, a searchable text, that is a text in which you want to search a pattern,here is quite a short text, the sequence is 14 correctors. We will ...
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4.9. Recursion can be avoided: an iterative version

We have written a recursive function to compute the optimal path that is an optimal alignment between two sequences. Here all the examples I gave were onDNA sequences, four letter alphabet. OK. The writing of this recursive function is very elegant but unfortunately we will see now that it isnot very efficient in execution time. Let's see why. Remember the computing schema weapply during the recursion, for example here, to compute the cost of this node, we saw that it was required to computerecursively the cost of that node, that node and that node. OK but to compute the cost of that node here, you need to compute the cost ...
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