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Combining the principles of general relativity and quantum theory still remains as elusive as ever. Recent work, that concentrated on the points of conflict and contact between quantum theory and general relativity, suggests a new perspective on gravity. It appears that the field equations of gravity in a wide class of theories - including, but not limited to, standard Einstein's theory - can be given a purely thermodynamic interpretation. In this approach gravity appears as an emergent phenomenon, like e.g., gas or fluid dynamics. I ...
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Computational Analysis of Social Positioning in Collaborative Learning Interactions - Penstein-Rosé

In this talk I will present recent work on computational modeling of social positioning in conversational interactions, or leadership taking in collaborative learning interactions more specifically. Basic concepts of power and social distance from psychology explain social processes operating in conversational interactions.  This theoretical foundation explains how we gain influence within interactions through our manipulation of horizontal and vertical social distance through a variety of types of signaling, which may or may not be linguistic. Research in sociolinguistics illustrates and describes how these signals are encoded in language ...
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