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le (47m25s)

Knowledge transfer and human-machine collaboration for training object class detector

Object class detection is a central area of computer vision. It requires recognizing and localizing all objects of predefined set of classes in an image. Detectors are usually trained under full supervision, which requires manually drawing object bounding-boxes in a large number of training images. This is tedious and very time consuming.  In this talk I will present two recent techniques for reducing this effort. In the first part I will explore a knowledge transfer scenario: training object detectors for target classes with only image-level labels, helped by a set of source classes with bounding-box annotations. I will present a unified ...
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le (1h23m52s)

Conférence Sylvie LE LAIDIER - Les statistiques sur les élèves et leurs parcours, le cas des élèves en situation de handicap

Sylvie Le Laidier est administrateur de l’Insee, experte sur les suivis d'élèves et les parcours scolaires à la Direction de l’évaluation, de la prospective et de la performance (DEPP) du Ministère de l’Éducation nationale.Depuis 2013, la DEPP a mis en place un panel d’élèves en situation de handicap nés en 2001 et en 2005. L’étude que pilote Sylvie Le Laidier effectue, année après année, une enquête minutieuse sur le devenir de ces élèves. Chaque année l’étude s’enrichit de résultats nouveaux : quels sont les poids respectifs du handicap et de l’origine sociale dans le destin scolaire de ces jeunes ? ...
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le (1h10m13s)

Folding Turing is hard but feasible

We introduce and study the computational power of Oritatami, a theoretical model to explore greedy molecular folding, by which the molecule begins to fold before waiting the end of its production. This model is inspired by our recent experimental work demonstrating the construction of shapes at the nanoscale by folding an RNA molecule during its transcription from an engineered sequence of synthetic DNA. While predicting the most likely conformation is known to be NP-complete in other models, Oritatami sequences fold optimally in linear time. Although our model uses only a small subset of the mechanisms known to be involved in molecular folding, we ...
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