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1.8. Compressing the DNA walk

We have written the algorithm for the circle DNA walk. Just a precision here: the kind of drawing we get has nothing to do with the physical drawing of the DNA molecule. It is a symbolic representation. It is a way of representing the information content of the sequence as a drawing. Remember that the problem of the algorithm we designed is that it supposes the capacity of drawing several millions or billions of segments on the screen. This is not feasible. No screen will be large enough for that. So, how can we deal with this hardware constraint? Compression is the answer. Let's see that in more details. Remember, for each ...
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4.7. Alignment costs

We have seen how we can compute the cost of the path ending on the last node of our grid if we know the cost of the sub-path ending on the three adjacent nodes. It is time now to see more deeply why these costs are used to compute the cost in the last node. So again, we saw how we can compute the cost here of the path ending on that node if we know the cost of the sub-path ending on these three red nodes. Indeed, if we come from that node, the cost on that node will be the cost of that node plus the ...
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