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On Artificial Olfaction, and How to Test For It

For years there has been interest in the possibility of building a reliable odor reproduction system (AOS), with its vast spectrum of applications: from e-commerce, games and video, via the food and cosmetics industry, to medical diagnosis. Such a system would enable an output device — the whiffer — to release an imitation of an odor read in by an input device — the sniffer — upon command. To realize this scheme one must carry out deep and complex research that combines computer science and mathematics ...
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J.-B. Bost - Techniques d’algébrisation en géométrie analytique, formelle, et diophantienne II (Part 4)

Dans ce cours, nous nous proposons d’expliquer comment des théorèmes d’algébrisation classiques, concernant des variétés ou des faisceux cohérents analytiques, possèdent des avatars en géométrie formelle et en géométrie diophantienne. Nous mettrons l’accent sur les points communs entre les preuves de ces différents théorèmes, et sur leurs conséquences "concrètes" concernant la géometrie et l’arithmétique des variétés algébriques.     1. Algébrisation de sous-schémas formels de variétés projectives.     2. Théorèmes de Lefschetz et géométrie formelle: les théorèmes de Grauert et de Grothendieck.     3. Algébrisation en géométrie diophantienne.     4. Applications aux feuilletages.
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The Internet of (Artificially Intelligent) Bodies Part 1

ANDREA MATWYSHYN  The Internet of (Artificially Intelligent) Bodies This talk introduces the ongoing progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Internet of Bodies (IoB)—a network of human bodies whose integrity and functionality rely at least in part on the Internet and related technologies, such as artificial intelligence. IoB devices will evidence the same categories of legacy security flaws that have plagued IoT devices. However, unlike most IoT, IoB technologies will directly, physically harm human bodies—a set of harms courts, legislators, and regulators will deem worthy of legal redress. As such, IoB will herald the arrival of ...
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