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Action recognition from video: some recent results

While recognition in still images has received a lot of attention over the past years, recognition in videos is just emerging. In this talk I will present some recent results. Bags of features have demonstrated good performance for action recognition in videos. We briefly review the underlying principles and introduce trajectory-based video features, which have shown to outperform the state of the art. These features are obtained by dense point sampling in each frame and tracking them based on displacement information from a dense optical flow field. Trajectory descriptors are obtained from motion boundary histograms, which are robust to ...
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le (44m8s)

Didactiques disciplinaires et anthropodidactique

Ce programme est le troisième et dernier volet d’une série de 3 cours dédiés aux modèles et au statut des modèles:Alain Marchive, Modèle et statut des modèles Bernard Sarrazy, Modèles et statut des modèles dans la pratique du conseil pédagogique Bernard Sarrazy, Didactiques disciplinaires et AnthropodidactiqueProposant une réflexion sur le statut et la fonction des modèles dans l’enseignement et la formation des enseignants, ces cours ont pour but:- de permettre aux étudiants de se familiariser avec la notion de modèle et d’en proposer une première définition- de clarifier le rôle et le statut des modèles dans les sciences sociales en ...
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Studying Teachers’ documentation work: emergence of a theoretical approach

The documentational approach to didactics is a recent theory –less than ten years old. In this conference I will look back at the process of development of this approach. I will recall the initial context, motivating the elaboration of a specific frame for studying teachers’ documentation work. Several kinds of evolutions will be emphasized: theoretical, methodological, but also evolutions of the questions studied in the research works referring to the documentational approach. I will conclude by evidencing the perspectives for future research and further evolutions.  Adler, J. (2000). Conceptualising resources as ...
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