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4.8. A recursive algorithm

We have seen how we can computethe optimal cost, the ending node of our grid if we know the optimal cost of the three adjacent nodes. This is this computation scheme we can see here using the notation of the pseudo code and not the mathematical notation we used in the previous sessions. So again we can compute the cost of this node if we know the cost of that node, that node and that node and we have to add respectively the insertion cost, the substitution cost orthe insertion cost. The substitution cost here depends on the letter at this position in the sequence and this letter ...
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5.5. Differences are not always what they look like

The algorithm we have presented works on an array of distance between sequences. These distances are evaluated on the basis of differences between the sequences. The problem is that behind the differences we observed on the set of sequences, there may beother mutations which cannot be observed and we should modify the distances. We will have a look at some simple cases of these observed differences which may correspond to hidden differences and then we will see how the evaluation, computationof the number of differences may be affected. The simple case is this one, aunique substitution between, in the sequence One we have a Cand it turns out that in ...
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