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5.7. The application domains in microbiology

Bioinformatics relies on many domains of mathematics and computer science. Of course, algorithms themselves on character strings are important in bioinformatics, we have seen them. Algorithms and trees, for example,for reconstructing phylogenetic trees, algorithms on networks toreconstruct gene interaction networks, metabolic networks and maybe to simulate the dynamics of the time. We have seen also the implicationof probability and statistics. The implication of optimizationmethods, for example, for the computation of the optimalalignment of a pair of sequences. Constraint satisfaction is used forpredicting molecule structure. Automata and formal grammarswhich are some exotic parts of computer science are also usefulin bioinformatics, the same for signal processing. And soother domains may be listed here. We also ...
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1.3. DNA codes for genetic information

Remember at the heart of any cell,there is this very long molecule which is called a macromolecule for this reason, which is the DNA molecule. Now we will see that DNA molecules support what is called the "genetic information". So, DNAcodes for genetic information. How? If you consider this doublestrand molecule, DNA molecule, you remember that on each strandof the molecule, there is a succession of nucleotides. You can follow these nucleotides and write their name or moreexactly the initial of their name. And you will get what we call the sequence". Look: C, T, A and so on. The process by which you obtain this sequence of characters of ...
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