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On Artificial Olfaction, and How to Test For It

For years there has been interest in the possibility of building a reliable odor reproduction system (AOS), with its vast spectrum of applications: from e-commerce, games and video, via the food and cosmetics industry, to medical diagnosis. Such a system would enable an output device — the whiffer — to release an imitation of an odor read in by an input device — the sniffer — upon command. To realize this scheme one must carry out deep and complex research that combines computer science and mathematics ...
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le (47m25s)

Knowledge transfer and human-machine collaboration for training object class detector

Object class detection is a central area of computer vision. It requires recognizing and localizing all objects of predefined set of classes in an image. Detectors are usually trained under full supervision, which requires manually drawing object bounding-boxes in a large number of training images. This is tedious and very time consuming.  In this talk I will present two recent techniques for reducing this effort. In the first part I will explore a knowledge transfer scenario: training object detectors for target ...
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