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Critical Listening Tools and Tactics for Sound Specialists by James Clemens-Seely

James Clemens-Seely presents a practical introduction to the merits and pitfalls of technical ear training as an approach to increasing critical listening and analytic skills in developing audio professionals.  Ear training topics discussed include training tools, self-study vs. large class sizes, sensible goals and overall usefulness in career development. James Clemens-Seely supervises the learning experience of participatants of the Audio Recording Engineer Practicum at the Banff Centre, AB, and has taught Technical Ear Training at McGill University, QC.
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Roundtable discussion about Critical Listening and Technical Ear Training

Dr. Paul Thompson (Leeds-Beckett University, UK) and James Clemens-Seely (Banff Centre, Alberta) explore differing viewpoints on the benefits and limitations of using ‘Technical Ear Training’ (TET) modules to train as a sound engineer. Facilitated by Kelsey Taylor (University of Lethbridge, Alberta), this round table highlights Clemens-Seely’s teaching strategies that promote TET, and Thompson’s preference for other approaches of critical listening in a learning environment. Sharing pedagogical methods and audio education thoughts, the panelists address anti-education feelings in the audio industry and discuss to which extend TET can actually help audio students to create better music.  
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Roundtable discussion about De-colonizing the Digital Audio Workstation

Dr. Eliot Bates (Graduate Centre, City University of New York), and  Éliézer Oubda (Hope Muziks Studio, Burkina Faso) share their experiences working and teaching within and around the confines of the Eurocentric Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that has become a music production standard in today’s digital era. Leonard Menon (University of Lethbridge, Alberta) ask them questions about their background as audio engineers and their opinion regarding the techniques, limitations, and prospects of the increasingly accessible DAW, which they discuss from a personal and professional perspective as the democratization of digital audio technologies has reached a point of ubiquitous attainability.
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One Love Burkina by Éliézer Oubda

Éliézer Oubda presents the video making off of Bob Markey's One Love cover that he produced in his Hope Muziks Studio in Ouagadougou with local musicians, and singers and rappers from different ethnicities of Burkina Faso. Featuring the main languages of the country, this production aims at unifying West Africa and communicating a message of peace in response to the security crisis that is on-going in this part of the world. Oubda explains that he is in the process of making an international version of the ...
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Le passage à l'acte et les méthodes d'exécution, Colloque international « Sortir de la violence », Session 2

Ce colloque international a présenté les principaux résultats scientifiques du programme SoV – Sortir de la violence (2017-2021), réalisé avec le soutien de l’Agence nationale de la recherche (projet ANR-16-CE39-0010), en partenariat avec la FMSH (Paris) et la MSHS (Toulouse).La 2e session, animée par les membres de la tâche 3 du programme SoV, s’ouvre par une présentation des enjeux épistémologiques de la notion de passage à l’acte, des choix méthodologiques et des pistes de recherche ayant guidé les travaux de l’équipe. Après une brève présentation du dossier collectif sur le passage à l’acte, publié dans la revue Violence. An international journal, plusieurs études de ...
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