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1.1. The cell, atom of the living world

Welcome to this introduction to bioinformatics. We will speak of genomes and algorithms. More specifically, we will see how genetic information can be analysed by algorithms. In these five weeks to come, we will see first, what are these genomic texts, we will try to analyse using algorithms and programs. We will then speak of genes and proteins. Proteins being coded by genes. We will study and design algorithms to predict genes on the DNA sequences or genomic texts. We will study, more deeply, an algorithm to compare genomic sequences. And we will use this algorithm to reconstruct phylogenetic trees that is to say the evolution of species over time. During this ...
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1.4. What is an algorithm?

We have seen that a genomic textcan be indeed a very long sequence of characters. And to interpret this sequence of characters, we will need to use computers. Using computers means writing program. Writing program means designing first algorithm. So, let's see what an algorithm is. An algorithm is a series of operationsto be executed by a computer, but maybe also executed by ahuman, for solving a problem.  In the first algorithm we will study in this session and next one, the problem will be to count the number of different of the four different nucleotides which appeared in the sequence. It's a sequence of operations. You may say that in ...
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