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#1 Deciphering tree response to a changing climate

 Round of FORESTIA web seminars SEMINAR # 1Deciphering tree response to a changing climate Where are we? where do we go? a case study: southern beeches of Patagonia   María Verónica Arana (IFAB INTA-CONICET) JUNE 4 at 15h (CET/Paris time)Abstract As a result of climate change, several forest biomes are facing increasing temperatures, extreme cold waves in winter and/or more frequent and severe droughts. In this context, a fundamental question is how trees will cope with these changes, given their long generational time ...
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G. Besson - CAT(k)-spaces 1

The purpose of this course is to introduce the synthetic treatment of sectional curvature upper-bound on metric spaces. The basic idea of A.D. Alexandrov was to characterize the curvature bounds on the sectional curvature of a Riemannian manifold in term of properties of its distance function, and then to consider metric spaces with these properties. This approach turned out to be very fruitful and it found many applications, bringing geometric ideas to other settings. In this course we will introduce the metric spaces ...
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