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49ème Semaine Médicale de Lorraine Nancy 2014 : Travail et mémoire : Les différentes pathologies en cause chez le sujet jeune et moins jeune (travailleur jusqu'à 65 ans)

... CHU).Réalisation, production : Canal U/3S.Mots clés : Nancy, 2014, Semaine Médicale de Lorraine, SML, DPC, CHU, Université de Lorraine, DPC Lor – Santé U, UDL, cancer, colo-rectal, prostate, ovarien, sein, voyage en zone tropicale, l’hypertension artérielle,...
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le (18m29s)

Sociology contribution to understanding the (no)diffusion of a medical innovation

Interface technology/clinical/SHS/public health : case study interventional radiology We will present results of an undergoing study on the socioeconomic processes of recognition in oncology of a long-standing medical innovation, the so-called interventional radiology (IR). This project is conducted by a multidisciplinary team gathering health sociologist, sociologist of science, economist of innovation, health lawyer and interventional radiologist, supported by INCa. With scientometrics and patent landscaping, we get an understanding of the IR discoveries’ chronology and identify the relationships established between science, medicine and industry. Through field observations and semi-directed interviews, we analyzed the strategies of legitimation of IR, seeking ...
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le (19m21s)

Cost-effectiveness analysis for decision making, illustrated theory

Interface technology/clinical/SHS/public health : case study interventional radiologyIn a health care system with limited resources, each euro invested in a health care intervention is no longer available for another intervention. This imposes the need for a prioritization of health care interventions according to their additional value for money for maximizing health at a given cost. Cost-effectiveness analyses may answer two main questions: 1) does an intervention present sufficient value for money to be funded within a health system? The decision is based on the absolute value of the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; 2) is further research needed to inform the decision ...
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le (9m11s)

Innovation reimbursement

Interface technology/clinical/SHS/public health : case study interventional radiology Novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies is a continuum of 3 strongly associated phases : clinical research, medico-economic evaluation of a novel strategy and deployment of innovation, the last one being a field of competence of centers of expertise such as SIRIC BRIO.In the full cycle of innovation, the money time is the major challenge of a large deployment. The main problem is to find money. But, in 2015, 3 changes should improve the innovation continuum. Should it be a progress, an obstacle, or both ?...Cette présentation a été donnée dans ...
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