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Demos about The RDF Data Model

Validating and translating RDF data The W3C RDF validation service checks the validity of RDF statements in the RDF/XML syntax and, in the case where these statements are valid, it displays the list of the parsed triples and the graph composed by these triples. RDF Translator checks the validity of RDF statements in any of the RDF syntaxes and, in the case where these statements are valid, it translates them into any other chosen RDF syntax. 1 more demo :Visual RDF : visualization of RDF graphsVisual RDF is a Web service and a Javascript library enabling to visualize ...
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Demos about a Web of Linked data

The BBC Web site uses linked (open) data The Wildlife documentary catalog on the Web site of BBC The Web site of BBC is structured and augmented with both internal and public linked data. In particular, the categories, links, descriptions and additional pointers of the animals used to organize the Wildlife portal of their site rely directly on linked data+ 5 more demos  :Browsing DBpediaOne of the resources used in the previous demo of the BBC is DBpedia. We will now browse that resource.The DBpedia website implements content negotiation to answer ...
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