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le (52m8s)

A Design-Based Research Approach to Understanding Complex Learning - Hmelo silver

Complex learning environments require complex approaches to understanding both what and how students learn. In this talk, Iwill describe design-based research methodology and discuss how I have used this approach to understand learning intechnology-rich learning environments. One example will show how research on expertise in complex systems led to the designof a technology-rich learning environment for middle school science classrooms. This program of research used a combinationof laboratory and classroom research. Time permitting, a second example will bring together research on problem-basedlearning that went from quasi-experimental research showing what students learned to more qualitative research that explainshow students learn.
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le (52m17s)

How did mathematics teachers work four thousand years ago? Curricula and syllabuses in Mesopotamia

Surprising as it may seem, education in Mesopotamia is remarkably well documented. The reason for this abundance of sources is the nature of the writing support that was used in the Ancient Near East, namely, the clay, an indestructible material that has survived from antiquity to the present day. School exercises, including mathematics exercises, have been found by the tens of thousands during archaeological excavation in Iraq, Syria and Iran. One can detect how masters worked through careful analysis ...
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le (52m32s)

Ressources numériques, pratiques enseignantes et dynamique de la salle de classe.

On discute les usages des ressources numériques dans l’enseignement et apprentissage des mathématiques et l’importance d’un modèle pédagogique pour pouvoir mieux profiter du potentiel de ces technologies pour l’éducation mathématique. Puis, on présente un modèle de formation d'enseignants pour l'intégration des ressources numériques. Finalement, on présente l'expérience d'un enseignant qui a réussi à engager ses élèves dans des expériences créatives d'utilisation de ressources numériques à travers des projets mathématiques à long terme.
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