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le (54m38s)

N. Juillet - Deformation of singular spaces

Gigli and Mantegazza have observed how optimal transport and heat diffusion allow to describe the direction of the Ricci flow uniquely from the metric aspects of Riemannian manifolds. Their goal is to reformulate the Ricci flow so that it also makes sense for metric spaces. I will present investigations and results obtained with Matthias Erbar (univ. Bonn) that concerns some non-Riemannian limits of Riemannian manifolds, in particular the Heisenberg group.
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le (50m25s)

B. Gris - A sub-riemannian metric from constrained deformations

A general method to study a population of objects (images, meshes) is to examine how these objects can be deformed by a chosen class of diffeomorphisms. When these objects satisfy some constraints (for instance biological constraints), it can be relevant to incorporate them in the choice of diffeomorphisms. We developed a generic framework to build constrained diffeomorphisms and showed that it allows to define a sub-riemannian structure on the space of objects under study. I will present this framework and show how it can be used in several situations.
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