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Dialogue Context in Memory

Recent years have seen the emergence of theories that can be used to analyze a variety of phenomena characteristic of conversational interaction, including non-sentential utterances, manual gestures, collaborative utterances and laughter. In all these cases the content of the utterance gets much of its content from the context (eliminating the antecedent leaves the utterance highly vague). Much of the rapid progress attained by theories of semantics and pragmatics in recent decades has involved a dynamic strategy where meaning emerges from gradual accumulation of information ...
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Episodic memory and the importance of attribution processes to assess the retrieved memory contents

The Integrative Memory model describes the core mechanisms leading to recollection (i.e., to recall qualitative details about a past event) and familiarity (i.e., to identify some event as previously encountered) as specific computational operations applying to specific types of representation. Critically, the model distinguishes them from the subjective experiences of remembering and knowing that only emerge following additional attribution operations. I will present evidence supporting several principles from the Integrative Memory model, notably data indicating that one can report a highly vivid experience of ...
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