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Theories informing French language teaching in an English middle school; an autobiographical account. - John DANIELS

This paper draws on the author’s experience as French language teacher and researcher in an English middle school from 1971-2007. Particular attention is given to the ‘revolutionary’ (Stern, 1983), audio-visual period with its promotion of a natural learning environment and immersion in the foreign language with the prohibition of English. A methodology that was itself a reaction to the formal language learning procedures associated with the traditional grammar translation process. The paper extends the author’s previous examination of language teaching over this period (Daniels, 2000; 2018; 2019) by looking specifically at the demands made on young pupils, introduced to a ...
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The relationship between institutions, advocacy, research, policymaking, and language learning in the UK since 1945 - Nicola MCLELLAND

This paper will explore the relationship of advocacy, policy-making and practice to the practice of language teaching and learning in the UK since 1945, in particular regarding how languages are taught, who gets to learn which languages, to what level, and from what age. Key developments such as the establishment in the 1960s of the Centre for Information on Language Teaching and the Committee on Research and Development in Modern Languages will be covered, as well as the role of other advocacy bodies and institutions such as the British Academy and the Association for Language Learning. Theemergence of differences in ...
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La didactique du chinois langue étrangère, entre « théorie d’ensemble et [théorie] des variables » : une réflexion historico-épistémologique - Ying Zhang-Colin et Mariarosaria Gianninoto

...S’il est vrai que la didactique du chinois langue étrangère (CLE) hérite d’une riche tradition philologique et pédagogique (Zhāng 2009), il a fallu néanmoins attendre les dernières décennies (Bellassen 2010) pour la voir se développer comme...
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