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Carrying the Feeling

Carrying the Feeling explores autistic Lucy Blackman’s use of “carrying” as an expressive force in herwriting. Continuing to delve into what I have called autistic perception theforce of perception that doesn’tyet parse out the environment but attends to the emergent qualities of an environmentality in act inthispaper I explore how else we might think conceptssuch as volition, intentionality and agency. Of particular interest here is the concept of facilitation, and theimprovisatory nature of what I call a “facilitation of facilitation.” If carrying is a force that already composeswith language, perhaps there is a productive way to consider an environmentally propulsive ...
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le (1h2m52s)

Projet Jourdain : Journalisme, Data et Information. Journalisme de données et parcours professionnels : l'exemple d'OWNI. Témoignages "d'anciens" du site OWNI : Alexandre Lechénet, Olivier Tesquet et Sylvain Lapoix.

...Le projet Jourdain articule d’une double signification. « Jourdain » est d’abord un acronyme de JOURnalisme, DAta et INformation. Ces trois notions sont situées au cœur du datajournalisme, dans sa définition canonique introduite par Adrian...
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le (1h2m40s)

Brain to Brain approaches to joint actions

Joint actions require an ability to understand and predict the actions of others far enough into the future to have time to plan and execute matching motor programs. Here I will review experiments in which we have tracked information flow from one brain to another to show that the motor system seems to play a key role in these functions. I will embed this experimental data in a Hebbian learning model, which posits that predictions are the result of synaptic plasticity during self­observation. Jointly this talk will aim to trigger thoughts on how we can ...
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