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Improvising in Sign Language and Gestures

The Sign Language Theatre Laboratory is a practicebasedartistic research group that began operating in2014 as part of the Grammar of the Body (GRAMBY) Interdisciplinary Research Project led by University ofHaifa linguist Wendy Sandler and funded by the European Research Council. Most of the nine Lab actorsare deaf and hardofhearing,and all of them use Israeli Sign Language (ISL) on a daily basis. We use ISLcombined with expressive gestures and physical theatre in order to develop a form of visual theatre that isaimed at both deaf and hearing spectators. Improvisation is our principal method of operation. We play withthe mimetic component of ...
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The Start and the End of Our Interglacial

The previous interglacial (Marine isotope stage 5e, peaking at 125 kyr BP) is usually assumed to be a good analogue for our present-day climate. Moreover, as our present interglacial, the Holocene, is already almost 12 kyr long, paleoclimatologists were inclined to predict a quite close entrance into the next ice age. Simulations using the 2.5-D climate model of Louvain-la- Neuve show however that our interglacial will most probably last much longer than any previous one, even without human intervention (Berger and Loutre, 2002). It was suggested that this is related to the shape of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun ...
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