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EN-10. International law of sea and marine resources: what are the current issues ?

Florence Galletti proposes an overview of the law of sea, and comes back to the main associated issues. She provides several essential definitions to understand this field, comes back to its great evolutions, and presents the challenges to be risen, for example the securing of the marine delimitations, the control of the deep sea fishery, or the efficiency of the international law of the marine fishery.
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Continental biodiversity: rivers and forests - Introduction

In this third part, you will discover the biodiversity of the terrestrial and continental aquatic environments. Those environments are extremely diversified and are subjected to very specific dynamics, like intermittent rivers or ecological successions of the forest environments. Some of those environments present important physicochemical variations, like the rivers, from the spring to the estuary. The biodiversity is very rich in those environments, and several preservation prospects are presented.
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