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Opening Ceremony

 The theme of the Re(s)sources 2018 international conference is‘teachers interacting with resources’which will be discussed in seven plenary lectures, a plenary panel and four Working Groups. The conference is followed by a young researcher workshop structured under four sessions.  The Re(s)sources 2018 call for contributions concerned participation in the Working Groups, which constitute the essential place for presentation, discussion, and collective work on specific topics related to resources. Each proposal has been peer-reviewed (and subsequently revised), resulting in 70 accepted oral and 7 accepted poster contributions.Cérémonie d'ouvertureLe thème de la conférence internationale ...
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le (50m6s)

The construct of 'resource system' as an analytic tool in understanding the work of teaching

Euclid's ingenious organization of mathematical material from different sources to form the Elements created a systematic text which served as a base for the study and teaching of mathematics for more than two millennia. To this day, the idea of creating a coherent system of resources following some concerted approach continues to inform the design of textbooks and curriculum schemes. However, when teachers are encouraged to draw on multiple sources to enrich their teaching, they face the challenge not only of comprehending, but often of reconciling, contrasting approaches, so as to create their own ...
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Studying Teachers’ documentation work: emergence of a theoretical approach

The documentational approach to didactics is a recent theory –less than ten years old. In this conference I will look back at the process of development of this approach. I will recall the initial context, motivating the elaboration of a specific frame for studying teachers’ documentation work. Several kinds of evolutions will be emphasized: theoretical, methodological, but also evolutions of the questions studied in the research works referring to the documentational approach. I will conclude by evidencing the perspectives for future research and further evolutions.  Adler, J. (2000). Conceptualising resources as ...
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How did mathematics teachers work four thousand years ago? Curricula and syllabuses in Mesopotamia

Surprising as it may seem, education in Mesopotamia is remarkably well documented. The reason for this abundance of sources is the nature of the writing support that was used in the Ancient Near East, namely, the clay, an indestructible material that has survived from antiquity to the present day. School exercises, including mathematics exercises, have been found by the tens of thousands during archaeological excavation in Iraq, Syria and Iran. One can detect how masters worked through careful analysis ...
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