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Dave Pritchard - Action for culture and the water environment through the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

The intergovernmental Ramsar Convention on Wetlands celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.  Its global treaty provisions and conservation policy frameworks have always been based on the best available ecological and hydrological science.  Over the years, however, there has been a growing appreciation that truly sustainable strategies depend just as much on understanding societal factors, Indigenous knowledge, community traditions and contemporary advances in transdisciplinary research.  A body of guidance materials, knowledge exchange initiatives and cooperation activities on the subject of culture and wetlands within the framework of the Convention has consequently taken ...
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Nupur Prothi Khanna - Cultural landscapes of Water systems in Asia

In this ‘SDG Decade of Action” we are aiming to facilitate a nature-culture orientation related to water wisdom with a focus on our young citizens. Traditional knowledge related to water has endured over time to bridge the void between the past and the present, offering a means to facilitate unique solutions to urban problems of flooding and drought. Our response to natural water systems within urban extents communicate our diminishing sensibility and traditional ethos of our natural and cultural heritage. How then can we march on in making a difference on ground ...
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Dr Tim Badman - Natureculture approaches in the World Heritage Convention, and beyond.

This paper will provide a review of work being undertaken to bring together the consideration of nature and culture in policies, programmes and practices of the World Heritage Convention, and a linked series of renewed collaborations and new relationships between the nature and culture sectors.  These include the integrated nature-culture programmes Connecting Practice, and World Heritage Leadership, and the Culture Nature Journey promoted through the major Congresses of IUCN and General Assemblies of ICOMOS.  The paper will review some of the emerging opportunities to scale up the attention to connecting ...
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