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4.6. A path is optimal if all its sub-paths are optimal

A sequence alignment between two sequences is a path in a grid. So that, an optimal sequence alignmentis an optimal path in the same grid. We'll see now that a property of this optimal path provides us with scanned lines for designing an optimization algorithm. The property is the following. A path which is optimal is made up of optimal sub-paths. To prove that, we can start byproving that if a path of length L is optimal then the path of length L minus one is also optimal. This can be proved quiteeasily ad arburdum. That is, you take the hypothesis that the path of length L is optimal ...
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4.3. Measuring sequence similarity

So we understand why gene orprotein sequences may be similar. It's because they evolve togetherwith the species and they evolve in time, there aremodifications in the sequence and that the sequence may still besimilar, similar enough again to retrieve information on onesequence to transfer it to another sequence of interest. So thequestion now is how can we measure this similarity between twosequences for the moment. The first approach to similarityis a very simple one is to apply a distance which is calledhere the Editing System or the Hamming Distance.The idea is very basic. You would take two sequences likethese two sequences here and you look at the differences and youcount ...
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4.5. A sequence alignment as a path

Comparing two sequences and thenmeasuring their similarities is an optimization problem. Why? Because we have seen thatwe have to take into account substitution and deletion. During the alignment, the comparison of the two sequences, we haveto insert blank characters at a certain position in order tohave an optimal score that is we want the sequence to be themore similar as possible. So the problem is to find whereto locate the blank character. There are many solutions and wewant to find the best one, it is an optimization problem. How do we deal with thisoptimization problem? We will consider an alignmentbetween two sequences as a path in that kind of grid. Here ...
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