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19 - "Les relations entre les chauves-souris insectivores (Chiroptera) et les peuplements forestiers aménagés déterminés par une analyse à l'échelle nationale : quelles sont les implicat° pour la gest° et la conservat° ?" : J. Langridge et al.(MNHN)

... implicat° pour la gest° et la conservat° ?" : J. Langridge et al.(MNHN)   Résumé de l'intervention :<div> Forest management strongly affects the foraging and feeding opportunities of bats at different spatial scales, in production forest...
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The Science of Snow, Nautijaur, Lapland , 12 November 2010

Swedish version with english subtitles : In Sápmi, a vast region of northern Europe also referred to as Lapland, Sami reindeer herders are experts about snow. To reach the ground lichen on which they feed in winter, reindeer need to dig through a snowpack whose properties constantly change throughout the winter period. For this reason, the Sami have developed a ‘snow science’ that not only encompasses, as linguists have often exclaimed, an exceptional diversity of terms to name and classify snow. They have also cultivated an intimate understanding of physico-chemical processes ...
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4th EURHO Conférence Rural historie 2019

Agriculture and Food-Supply. Perspectives for a global historyFeeding the world’s population has always produced challenges for agriculture, and these challenges are increasing. In the short term farm output is always affected by fluctuations in weather conditions. In the long run agriculture has to feed a grow-ing number of consumers, and an increasing proportion of them no longer produce what they eat. In the past these factors led to a search for external resources and encouraged the rise of productivism.This double pressure on producers has had some well-known perverse effects: poor peasants needing to have regard to the demands of colonial ...
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