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le (1h1m15s)

On the modified Palm version (workshop ERC Nemo Processus ponctuels et graphes aléatoires unimodulaires)

The Palm version of a stationary random measure is an important tool in probability. It is however not well known that there are in fact two Palm versions, with related but different interpretations. For lack of better terms, call the well known version standard and the less known version modified. In this talk we shall focus on the modified Palm version and its interpretation. The concepts of shift-coupling and mass-stationarity will play a key role
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le (59m49s)

Sampling cluster point processes: a review (workshop ERC Nemo Processus ponctuels et graphes aléatoires unimodulaires)

The theme of this talk is the sampling of cluster and iterated cluster point processes. It is partially a review, mainly of the Brix–Kendall exact sampling method for cluster point processes and its adaptation by Moller and Rasmussen to Hawkes branching point processes on the real line with light-tail fertility rate. A formal proof via Laplace transforms of the validity of the method in terms of general clusters that are not necessarily point processes fits this purpose and allows to include the exact sampling of Boolean ...
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le (43m39s)

A stable marriage between order and disorder (workshop ERC Nemo Processus ponctuels et graphes aléatoires unimodulaires)

Stable matchings were introduced in a seminal paper by Gale and Shapley (1962) and play an important role in economics. Following closely Holroyd, Pemantle, Peres and Schramm (2009), we shall first discuss a few basic properties of stable matchings between two discrete point sets (resp. point processes) in Euclidean space, where the points prefer to be close to each other. For comparison we also discuss stable transports from Lebesgue measure to point processes. In the second part of the talk we consider a stable ...
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