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[FLEUVES] Treaty, Ritual, Ordeal: Rivers in Hittite Anatolia

Anatolian Rivers between East and WestAxes and Frontiers Geographical, economical and cultural aspects of the human-environment interactions between the Hebros and Tigris Rivers in ancient times The Cultural Aspects of Rivers 28th September-1st October 2017 Istanbul (French Institute of Anatolian Studies) Enez (Enez Excavations Directorate) and Representations of Western Asiatic Riversİlgi Gerçek (Bilkent University, Ankara, Treaty, Ritual, Ordeal: Rivers in Hittite AnatoliaHittite archives and monuments dating to the Late Bronze Age (c. 1650-1200 BCE) provide us with ample evidence to study the economic and cultural significance of sources of water—from rivers and springs to man-made pools and water reservoirs. ...
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