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“Come on guys, use your sense!” Illuminating the ‘incarnate’ work of teaching - Koshmann

Twelve years ago, Lehrer and Schauble rolled out a newly-designed math and science curriculum in a particular 5th gradeclassroom (Lehrer & Schauble, 2004, 2011). In this talk, I will examine a brief fragment of interaction recorded in this classroom.The participants observed here are trying to work out how to graphically represent a set of data. It is a problem of reconciling therange of values to be presented with the space available on the sheet of graph paper with which they are working. In the courseof working out this problem, they engage in the concerted generation of a series of number ...
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A Design-Based Research Approach to Understanding Complex Learning - Hmelo silver

Complex learning environments require complex approaches to understanding both what and how students learn. In this talk, Iwill describe design-based research methodology and discuss how I have used this approach to understand learning intechnology-rich learning environments. One example will show how research on expertise in complex systems led to the designof a technology-rich learning environment for middle school science classrooms. This program of research used a combinationof laboratory and classroom research. Time permitting, a second example will bring together research on problem-basedlearning that went from quasi-experimental research showing what students learned to more qualitative research that explainshow students learn.
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Scaling Up Proven Programs: Why and How - Slavin

In order to bring about significant and cost-effective improvements in student learning in whole systems of schools, it isimportant to identify effective programs, practices, and materials, and then scale them up broadly. This is the way fields such asmedicine, agriculture, and technology have advanced, and education must embrace the same dynamic. But how can this bedone? This presentation discusses the why and the how of scaling up proven programs in education. First, it discusses howpromising programs need to be evaluated to ensure that they are worth scaling. Then it discusses how complete programsrequiring extensive professional development and coaching can be ...
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