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[FLEUVES] Hadrianopolis, the City at the Intersection of the Rivers

Anatolian Rivers between East and WestAxes and FrontiersGeographical, economical and cultural aspects of the human-environment interactions between the Hebros and Tigris Rivers in ancient timesThe Cultural Aspects of Rivers28th September-1st October 2017Istanbul (French Institute of Anatolian Studies)Enez (Enez Excavations Directorate) the Edge of Europe: from Hebros to MeriçŞahin YILDRIM (Bartın University,, the City at the Intersection of the RiversAccording to the ancient resources, the Odrysians were one of the Thracian tribes whocame into the region they occupied in historical times through the migrations of the first millenium B.C. The first settlement they founded here was called Uscumada, Ordysia or ...
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