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Mapping the Manosphere: analysing the manosphere on Reddit

Recent years have seen an emergence of a diverse range of online male communities, primarily through sites such as 4chan and Reddit. Theorists, as well as the users of these spaces themselves, describe this space as the ‘manosphere’ (Schmitz and Kazyak 2016). Despite increasing media and academic attention placed onto the manosphere, there is little work that examines the depth of its network and community structures, nor understands the driving forces behind participation in the space. Coverage frequently examines the perceived worst parts of these spaces, with a focus on violent rhetoric (e.g. Massanari 2017, Salter 2018). ...
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The Promise and Perils of Public-Private Partnerships around Data for Social Good

“Data Collaborative” refers to an emergent form of public-private partnership in which actors from different sectors exchange and analyze data (and/or provide data science insights and expertise) to create new public value and generate new insights. As evidenced by the 150+ case studies included the Data Collaboratives Explorer, data collaboratives in a variety of different forms have been used with increasing frequency, across sectors ranging from agriculture to telecoms to government, in a growing number of countries around the world. The value of data collaboratives stems from the fact that the supply of and demand for data are generally ...
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