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The Sublime: a Conceptual Analysis

This paper sets out both a methodology for conceptual analysis and an account of the sublime in the British eighteenth century. It seeks to establish an account of the sublime in both historical and conceptual terms. The historical optic seeks to test whether it makes sense to consider concepts as historical forms, and takes the sublime as a test case. The second armature of the paper seeks to map the contours or shape of the concept through an analysis of its grammar and architecture. A preliminary discussion of what is meant by those terms is followed ...
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Le sublime et la rhétorique de la dissimulation

Partendo dalle antiche teorie della muta eloquentia, del silenzio espressivo e del sermo figuratus, così come esse vengono illustrate negli antichi manuali di retorica (e soprattutto entro le trattazioni dello stile alto), ci si propone di illustrare l’importanza del rapporto tra il sublime e le tecniche della dissimulazione nel linguaggio politico, con alcuni riferimenti al principio cinquecentesco della sprezzatura.
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Fitting networks : documentary proofs and aesthetic ambiguities - the case of 9/11

In New York, September 11 (Editions Magnum, 2001), Thomas Hoepker claims : “I strongly believe in documentary photography, in taking pictures of real life. When I looked at the pictures from our photographers, there were some that were wonderful or clever compositions, but they emphasized the artistry in photography rather than telling the story. We didn’t put those pictures in this book. I don’t think they belong in this book because they do not serve its purpose, which is to bear witness. In a moment like this you must be very humble. When something like this happens, nothing you do ...
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