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Appropriation des produits médicaux venant de Chine au Cameroun

After a period of dissemination of so-called “traditional” Chinese medicine in Africa thanks to Chinese practitioners working in the public sector (hospitals), or setting up private practices in towns and proposing treatments such as acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese pharmacopoeia, China’s contribution to the health sector is now characterized by diverse forms of appropriation on the part of local actors. Surprisingly, practices qualifiable as “traditional” Chinese medicine only remain present in the form of the Chinese medical teams working in the country’s three hospitals, whereas private practices are tending to disappear. Several practices opened by the Chinese have now shut, and ...
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Arts contemporains : imaginaires de la Chine en Afrique et de l'Afrique en Chine

Links between China and Africa today tend to be thought of, primarily, in economic and/or political terms. The arts, or culture more broadly, are given relatively little attention, for they are considered to be of secondary importance. The result is, at best, a partial understanding of both artistic production and political and economic concerns. Clichés and forms of xenophobia, as well as imaginaries and dreams of elsewhere: such are the foci of this panel. The panel centers on the work of contemporary artists living in China, South Africa, Congo and France and brings together both artists and art scholars to ...
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Produits chinois en Afrique : réseaux de diffusion et modes de consommation

This panel intends to offer a new perspective on the massive arrival of Chinese products effecting Africa for the past fifteen years. Available in markets in even the most remote villages of the continent, this wide range of manufactured goods embodies for many Africans a new relationship with China. Despite the primacy of China-made goods, this dimension of Sino-African trade still remains sidelined behind the strategic export of African raw materials. The low prices and poor quality of China-made goods often mean that they are ...
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Estelle Boris : implication des revues dans le renouvellement artistique en Chine pendant l'entre deux-guerre - Didier Monciaud : repères sur des expériences de revues critiques de l’Égypte contemporaine 4/4

... croisant des zones géographiques et culturelles susceptibles de faire émerger d’autres modalités d’approche de l’histoire et de ses objets. En partenariat avec le Labex CAP, la bibliothèque Kandinsky, le musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, la Cité...
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