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Analysing Performances of Western Art Music

Lina NAVICKAITE is a musicological researcher. She is now PHD scholar at the University of Helsinki (department of Musicology) after piano and musicological studies at the Lithuanian academy of Music.With the assurance that immanent qualities and semantic features of performance practice affect musical communication, she explains the value of analysing performances, through concrete examples, of "canonical" pieces of Western art music.
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Panel discussion

In this panel, we highlight how the templates within DAWs shape the digital practices of West African studio professionals who have had limited exposure to the culture of analog recording and production. We then question the extent to which formal education institutions can incorporate the informal learning methods of trial-and-error, copying peers, and watching video tutorials into the high-education music curriculum. We conclude by stressing the importance of teaching anthropological, social, and cultural studies in addition to existing audio theory in University-based programs to prepare the upcoming generations for a global and diverse music industry.
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