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Séminaire Urmis Nice "Frontières et altérité" - Séance du 12 janvier 2018 à 14h30 avec Hans Siebers, (Tilburg University), "In search of the factors and mechanisms that erect ethnic boundaries , in institutional settings"

Séminaire diffusé en streaming de 14h30 à 16h30.La vidéo sera consultable en différé à partir du lundi 15 janvier 2018.Publication de référence :Hans SIEBERS (2017) What turns migrants into ethnic minorities at work? Factors erecting ethnic boundaries among Dutch police officcers. Sociology, 51(3): 608-625. Transnational migration flows have revitalised the interest in ethnicity in social sciences. The ethnic boundary approach (Barth, Wimmer) argues for a non-essentialist understanding of ethnicity and calls for detecting the factors that turn migrants into ethnic minorities. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among ...
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An extensionalist analysis of computer simulations

The current spreading of multi-scale and multi-process integrative simulations is challenging for the philosophy of science. What is the epistemic function of such a simulation? What does it really show? On what grounds? Is it an experimental design or a theoretical construction? To contribute to these debates, I suggest analyzing the ways computer simulations (CSs) are using symbols. To this end, I will present an extensionalist analysis of CSs. This approach puts the emphasis not on languages nor on models, but more precisely on symbols, ...
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