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Les usages de l’EBM du local au global

Vitor Simonis Richter“Births and data: artifacts and mediations in the everyday practices of the production of population in Porto Alegre, Brazil.” Maud Gelly “Les armes de la critique et la critique par les preuves dans la mobilisation associative pour le dépistage ‘communautaire’ du sida (France 2005-2012).” Leonardo Valenzuela “The battle of the green men: on the morality of the body’s degradation.”
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1.3. Encoding (Linear Transformation)

In this session, we will talk about the easy map of the  - one-way trapdoor functions based on error-correcting codes. We suppose that the set of all messages that we wish to transmit is the set of k-tuples having elements from the field Fq. There are qk possible messages and we referred to it as the message space.  In order to detect and possibly correct errors, we add some redundancy, thus the k tuples will be embedded into n-tuples with n greater than k. In this MOOC, we will focus on linear ...
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