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le (2h1m26s)

Conférence Labex EFL - Zygmunt Frajzyngier : "Functional domains and subdomains: grammaticalized meaning and its consequences for syntax" 1 juin 2012

Dans le cadre de l'opération "The Typology and corpus annotation of Information Structure and Grammatical Relations" de l'axe 3 du Labex EFL (Fondements Empiriques de la Linguistique), le professeur Zygmunt FRAJZYNGIER, professeur à l'Université du Colorado à Boulder, a donné deux conférences sur le campus de Villejuif. 1er juin 2012
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le (1h8m45s)

Dominique Cerveau - Holomorphic foliations of codimension one, elementary theory (Part 1)

In this introductory course I will present the basic notions, both local and global, using classical examples. I will explain statements in connection with the resolution of singularities with for instance the singular Frobenius Theorem or the Liouvilian integration. I will also present some open questions which I will motivate by examples. Dans ce cours introductif je m’attacherai à présenter les notions de base tant locales que globales au travers d’exemples classiques. J’aborderai des énoncés liés à la résolution des singularités avec par exemple ...
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le (1h32m17s)

Jean-Pierre Demailly - Kobayashi pseudo-metrics, entire curves and hyperbolicity of algebraic varieties (Part 1)

We will first introduce the basic concepts pertaining to Kobayashi pseudo-distances and hyperbolic complex spaces, including Brody’s theorem and the Ahlfors-Schwarz lemma. One of the main goals of the theory is to understand conditions under which a given algebraic variety is Kobayashi hyperbolic. This leads to the introduction of jet spaces and jet metrics, and provides a strong link between the existence of entire curves and the existence of global algebraic differential equations.
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