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Semiotics of Music and Mediation

The seminars are organized by the Finnish Network University of Semiotics and International Semiotics Institute (ISI) at Imatra. The director of the Summer School, the Finnish Network University of Semiotics, and the ISI is Professor Eero Tarasti, and the summer school is funded by the European Social Fund and State Provincial Office of Southern Finland. You can visit the International Semiotics Institute website.
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le (1h26m32s)

Music and Text Generation "in the style of"

Style modeling is becoming an area of research in itself in Artificial Intelligence, due to the increasing needs for content generation application. I will present some results obtained in the ERC funded Flow-Machines projects, in which we attempt to capture, model, and exploit "style" at various levels of the musical and text creation process. I will show some results in modeling style with Markov chains, and constraining the generation to satisfy various structural properties, necessary to make sequences look natural. The techniques developed exploit ...
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le (58m24s)

Renaissance Music in the Digital Domain : MEI and the Dynamic Scholarly Text

For too long, the great European projects for digital humanities were not on the same page as the American projects. This initiative aims at helping American and European researchers to collaborate in the field of digital literary studies, to share their knowledge and their methods, to share practices and common tools and to disseminate their works.   Thanks to an important funding of the Foundation A.W Mellon, the FMSH has been able to support, through this programme, collaborative actions between research institutions and American and European universities. The principal objective was to give an international visibility to digital philology, ...
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