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Two dimensions of soft-power politics: Turkish involvement in the Balkans

1st PANEL :   Private actors producing and receiving Turkish soft power : relationships to the Turkish statePrésentation 2. Jan MUŚ (Center for Eastern Studies - Catholic University of Lublin - Warsaw School of Social Science and Humanities), “Two dimensions of soft-power politics: Turkish involvement in the Balkans”The aim of this article is to propose a division of the core concept of soft-power into two segments. The Turkish engagement in the Balkans should serve as the case study base. Whereas public polls clearly indicate that Turkish culture, values, etc., although popular and interesting for Balkan observers, have rather limited impact on the society in ...
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The Hizmet Movement as a softpower tool in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: between foreign policy and domestic politics

2d PANEL :    Diffusion, circulation and backfires of Turkey’s influence  Présentation 2.Yohanan BENHAIM / Paris 1 University – IFEA :"The Hizmet Movement as a softpower tool in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq:  between foreign policy and domestic politics"This presentation is an attempt to understand the articulation and interdependency existing between soft power and domestic politics. Our main hypothesis is that important interdependency links exist between domestic policies implemented on the state’s own territory and the soft power’s policy, especially in a context of strong transnational dynamics. In order to verify this hypothesis, we will study the role played by the Hizmet movement, ...
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Regional networks in an emerging art market area : positionning Istanbul as a Hub

<p style="text-align: justify;">The objective of this paper is to analyze Istanbul art world’s recent positioning as a point of attraction for neighboring countries’ art scenes, in the context of the debate on Turkey’s soft power. Drawing on critiques made on Nye’s concept, this paper takes the focus out of state actors and of tools promoting national interests abroad. Instead, it emphasizes urban elites’ role in promoting their city’s international attractiveness and complex regional independencies resulting from complementarities and competition among neighboring cities. The ...
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Networks of Influence: Reconceptualising Soft Power

2d PANEL :    Diffusion, circulation and backfires of Turkey’s influencePrésentation 5. Behar SADRIU / School of Oriental and African Studies – University of London :  “Networks of Influence: Reconceptualising Soft Power”This paper aims to analyse one particularly effective facet of Turkey’s soft power approach. However, soft power is not defined, nor conceptualized, as it was originally conceived of by Nye – rather, by integrating literature from network analysis, I will highlight the ways in which successful use of different networks (in this case by Turkey) can have a profound effect in expanding a country’s foreign policy choices. This paper argues it is ...
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