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Joseph Fu - Integral geometric regularity (Part 2)

In the original form given by Blaschke in the 1930s, the famous Principal Kinematic Formula expresses the Euler characteristic of the intersection of two sufficiently regular objects in euclidean space, integrated over the space of all possible relative positions, in terms of geometric invariants associated to each of them individually. It is natural to wonder about the precise regularity needed  for this to work. The question turns on the existence of the normal cycle  of such an object A, i.e. an integral current that stands ...
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le (1h25m25s)

Camillo De Lellis - Center manifolds and regularity of area-minimizing currents (Part 2)

A celebrated theorem of Almgren shows that every integer rectifiable current which minimizes (locally) the area is a smooth submanifold except for a singular set of codimension at most 2. Almgren’s theorem is sharp in codimension higher than 1, because holomorphic subvarieties of Cn are area-minimizing. In fact the typical singularity of a 2-dimensional area-minimizing current is modelled by branch points of holomorphic curves. These singularities are rather difficult to analyze because they might be very high order phenomena.
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