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le (1h13m20s)

IFEA Histoire 2020-2021 Provincial Perspectives for the Ottoman Reforms during the Tanzimat Era

The talk will be about Yonca Köksal’s recent book The Ottoman Empire in the Tanzimat Era: Provincial Perspectives from Ankara to Edirne (Routledge, 2019). It will explain the Ottoman reforms and their variation across the two provinces and the crucial role of local intermediaries such as notables, tribal leaders, and merchants. It attempts to understand the Tanzimat as a process of negotiation and transformation between the state and local actors. The author argues that the same reform policies produced different results in Edirne and Ankara. The talk will explain how factors such as socioeconomic conditions and historical developments played a role in ...
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le (19m40s)

Anastasia Hammerschmied - Violence, Gender, Warfare: Origins of an International Legal Regime in the 19th Century

"The honor and rights of the family ... must be respected", states Article 46 of the Hague Convention of 1899/1907, a phrase used by earlier studies on sexual violence in war to reject a "prohibition of rape" in nineteenth-century international law. The writings of contemporary international law scholars display a more complex picture when it comes to protecting women from violence. Although the terminology "sexual violence" and an analysis of the prohibition presents difficulties, wartime rape was not only discussed in the context of classical international law of war. The prohibition ...
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