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The Science of Snow, Nautijaur, Lapland , 12 November 2010

Swedish version with english subtitles : In Sápmi, a vast region of northern Europe also referred to as Lapland, Sami reindeer herders are experts about snow. To reach the ground lichen on which they feed in winter, reindeer need to dig through a snowpack whose properties constantly change throughout the winter period. For this reason, the Sami have developed a ‘snow science’ that not only encompasses, as linguists have often exclaimed, an exceptional diversity of terms to name and classify snow. They have also cultivated an intimate understanding of physico-chemical processes ...
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L'estive, entre bien commun et espace public / Corinne Eychenne, Lucie Lazaro

L'estive, entre bien commun et espace public / Corinne Eychenne, Lucie Lazaro. In séminaire "Penser les biens communs dans le espaces ruraux : regards croisés", organisé par le laboratoire "Dynamiques rurales" de l'Université Toulouse II-Le Mirail avec le soutien des doctorants et étudiants du master "Développement des territoires ruraux et de l'École Doctorale TESC (Temps, Espaces, Sociétés, Cultures), Université Toulouse II-Le Mirail, 11-12 mars 2013.
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The Impacts of Climate Change on Continental Ecosystems

Climate change will deeply modify the ecophysiological functioningof plants, by creating a set of conditions which could be more favourable (in the sense of biomass production) or not. Among the first, the increase ofatmospheric CO2 will stimulate the photosynthesis (with levels depending upon plants and conditions), with a result of a potential increase in biomass up to 20 % in some cases. Warmer temperatures will also generally be favourable to most of the physiological processes, up to an optimum above which the risk of detrimental or lethal values exists. The (almost) generalized advance in phenology (calendar of development stages) will ...
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The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the French Foundation of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) (within the Entre-Sciences programme) have agreed to jointly develop a new conference series in environmental sciences; an effort to actively foster exchanges between scientists working in the humanities and social sciences and their colleagues in the life and natural sciences. This interdisciplinary conference present the new advances in the modelling of the Global Change that combines Geosciences and Economics, with a perspective view from history - given the novelty of their interrelations – and from political science – given the impact of the ...
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