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D. Davis - Periodic paths on the pentagon

Mathematicians have long understood periodic trajectories on the square billiard table. In the present work, we describe periodic trajectories on the regular pentagon – their geometry, symbolic dynamics, and  group  structure.   Some  of  the  periodic  trajectories  exhibit  a  surprising  "dense  but  not  equidistributed" behavior.  I will show pictures of periodic trajectories, which are very beautiful.  This is joint work with Samuel Lelièvre and Barak Weiss.
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Dawa Drolma (Bay Path University), " The Renaissance of Traditional Dzongsar Craft-making in the Meshö Valley: An Insider’s Perspective on New Economic Processes and Identity Transformations in Sino-Tibetan Borderlands "

As a member of a deeply-rooted traditional craft-making family in the Meshö (Sman Shod) Valley of Kham region, I will present the results of my ongoing fieldwork and academic study on the renaissance of Buddhist craft-making that is beginning to flourish in the Sino-Tibetan borderlands. Meshö is a remote valley in Dergé County (Kandze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture), Sichuan Province, where the majority of its 5,343 residents are agro-pastoralists. The area is famous for the monastery of Dzongsar, one of the largest monastic universities in Kham during the first half of the twentieth century. In the 1980s, when the renovation of ...
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