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The Anglo-American Project in Pompeii

Rick JONES is a Reader in Roman Archeology at the Department of Archaeological Sciences of the University of Bradford, UK. Dr. Jones has 30 years' experience leading excavations in Britain, Spain, France, the Netherlands, mostly on sites of the Roman period. Since 1994 his field research has focused on Pompeii, where he has been directing the "Anglo-American Project".Dr. Jones' research has concentrated on the social dynamics of the western Roman Empire: first through burial practice, and more recently through urbanization and the interactions in the Roman frontier zone. He has directed long-term research excavations at, and in the ...
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Conférence de Elizabeth Catherie WRIGHT et Claude MASSU - Frank Lloyd Wright, son architecture, sa vie

Le regard croisé que nous offrent ici Claude Massu et la petite fille du grand architecte américain, permet une mise en lumière des rapports complexes, parfois contradictoires, entre la personnalité, la vie familiale et les apports artistiques et sociaux de Franck Lloyd Wright. Ils reviennent tous les deux sur une sélection d’oeuvres marquantes, construites ou non, de l’architecte:Franck Lloyd Wright Maison George M. MillardHighland Park, Illinois, États-Unis, 1906Maison Robie / Robie HouseChicago, Illinois, États-Unis, 1906 - 1909Taliesin EastSpring Green Wisconsin, États-Unis, 1925Broadacre City, concept utopique d'urbanisationannées 30Maison sur la Cascade / FallingwatersStewart Township, Pennsylvanie, États-unis1935 - 1939Taliesin WestScottsdale, Arizona, États-Unis, ...
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Conférence de Kengo KUMA - The power of location

20th century was the age when architecture turned to gigantic commodities circulating around the globe. In 90s, I was thinking hard if any architecture could be possible that transcend economic waves. Then I concluded it should be a conduct of design that puts its location first before anything else. You use materials available only from that place, work with local specialists who know the site inside out, create a building that harmonizes with the climate and environment of the place and is truly wanted by the ...
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