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Séminaire EREA - RITMO : "Maya lords in Israel: Biblical temporality in postclassic Maya migration stories" par Sergio Romero (University of Texas at Austin)

In this presentation I consider Old Testament narratives in the first títulos written in K’iche’ in the mid-sixteenth century and in the earliest K’iche’ homiletic production. Responding to the need to legitimize their rule and hereditary privileges, on the one hand, and to cast themselves as Christian subjects of the Spanish king, on the other, K’iche’ noble scribes presented their ancestors as members of one of the ancient tribes of Israel. They reinterpreted Old Testament narratives as variations of migration stories, the emblematic postclassic ...
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Breaking The Code. The decipherment of linear Elamite, a forgotten writing system of Ancient Iran (3rd millenium BC).

Dr. Desset will report for the first time his successfull decipherment of Linear Elamite, one of the three writing systems of the early Bronze Age (the others being Linear A at Crete, and the Indus Valley writing system) which so far have escaped every attempt at decrytion. Dr Desset will illustrate how he discovered the key for unlocking Linear Elamite inscriptions, some examples of decipherment and the extraordinary historical perspectives that are emerging from this discovery.
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La didactique du chinois langue étrangère, entre « théorie d’ensemble et [théorie] des variables » : une réflexion historico-épistémologique - Ying Zhang-Colin et Mariarosaria Gianninoto

...S’il est vrai que la didactique du chinois langue étrangère (CLE) hérite d’une riche tradition philologique et pédagogique (Zhāng 2009), il a fallu néanmoins attendre les dernières décennies (Bellassen 2010) pour la voir se développer comme...
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