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Alessandro Zilio: Strongly competing systems with fractional diffusion: uniform regularity results

Journées ERC ReaDi 12-13 novembre 2013 Alessandro Zilio (Politecnico di Milano)Strongly competing systems with fractional diffusion: uniform regularity results In this talk I will focus on some recent results obtained in collaboration with S. Terracini and G. Verzini about the optimal regularity of solution to systems characterized by nonstandard diffusion and strong competition. In particular, it will be shown that the type of competition strongly affects both the regularity of the solutions and the geometry of the segregated states obtained in the limiting case of infinite competition.
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Quantum Turing Test

The research community has made spectacular progress in building the magical quantum machines, developing new applications, designing security platforms up until the current state where the verification question is hunting us down. The required experiments are not beyond our reach and have been implemented, even in a basic optical setting, but these are quantum experiments simulating quantum theory. So even if we assume the correctness of quantum theory, we are soon reaching to the domain that we are not able to verify the correctness of experimental ...
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