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The Largest Lakes and reservoirs of Russia as a Priority Water Ressource for Society

Global change for the last 25 years drives to important changes in hydrometeorological regime in different regions, reflecting water resources change of the larges reservoirs and lakes of Russia and of lakes’ district with more than 460,000 small and middle size lakes (North-western part of Russia and Finland. Interdisciplinary approaches in water resources research include as methods of traditional hydrology and climatology as paleoclimatology and economy. Decrease in the water level of largest Lakes (Ladoga, Onega, Ilmen) by 35-70 cm has been registered over the 1990s, the warmest decade in the time series. At the same time inflow to the ...
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Analysing Performances of Western Art Music

Lina NAVICKAITE is a musicological researcher. She is now PHD scholar at the University of Helsinki (department of Musicology) after piano and musicological studies at the Lithuanian academy of Music.With the assurance that immanent qualities and semantic features of performance practice affect musical communication, she explains the value of analysing performances, through concrete examples, of "canonical" pieces of Western art music.
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