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Looking at the current Turkish foreign policy: perceptions and misperceptions

Turkish foreign policy appears to have been in a state of change. It was trying to rely more on soft power elements in the 2000s, radically shifted to a more aggressive position including sending troops to Syria and muscle flexing in high seas of the Mediterranean. In line with its new perception of its role in the world, Turkey has increasingly asserted itself as a rising actor that is determined to make a contribution to regional and global issues. In the process, Turkish foreign policy has been transformed, not only in its content, but also in the instruments and mechanisms ...
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Networks of Influence: Reconceptualising Soft Power

2d PANEL :    Diffusion, circulation and backfires of Turkey’s influencePrésentation 5. Behar SADRIU / School of Oriental and African Studies – University of London :  “Networks of Influence: Reconceptualising Soft Power”This paper aims to analyse one particularly effective facet of Turkey’s soft power approach. However, soft power is not defined, nor conceptualized, as it was originally conceived of by Nye – rather, by integrating literature from network analysis, I will highlight the ways in which successful use of different networks (in this case by Turkey) can have a profound effect in expanding a country’s foreign policy choices. This paper argues it is ...
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