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How did mathematics teachers work four thousand years ago? Curricula and syllabuses in Mesopotamia

Surprising as it may seem, education in Mesopotamia is remarkably well documented. The reason for this abundance of sources is the nature of the writing support that was used in the Ancient Near East, namely, the clay, an indestructible material that has survived from antiquity to the present day. School exercises, including mathematics exercises, have been found by the tens of thousands during archaeological excavation in Iraq, Syria and Iran. One can detect how masters worked through careful analysis ...
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Teachers’ Use of Mathematics Resources: A Look across Cultural Boundaries

Curriculum resources are adopted in school systems around the world, often, to promote curricular coherence or reform (Pepin & Haggarty, 2001; Valverde et al., 2012). The development and design of these resources varies across systems, as do the expectations for and assumptions about their use (Remillard, Van Steenbrugge, & Bergqvist 2016). Ultimately, teachers’ interpretations and decisions are at the center of resource use. In this lecture, I present initial findings from a cross-cultural study of elementary teachers’ interpretations ...
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Teachers collective work inside and outside school as an essential spring of mathematics teachers' documentation: Japanese and Chinese experiences

As opposed to the individualistic perspective that has seemed dominant in teacher’s work for teaching the lesson, one may find today a wide range of teachers’ collective works inside and outside school in different parts of the world, such as collective improvement of teaching practice in Japanese Lesson Study (Fernandez & Yoshida, 2004) and Chinese Teaching Research Group, and collective writing of mathematics textbooks in France (Sésamath series). In this lecture, we try to show how teachers’ collective work ...
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Evidencing the missing resources of the documentational approach to didactics, towards new programs of research

The development of a theoretical approach creates necessarily new needs, conceptual as well as methodological: when meeting new phenomena; when extending the study outside its initial field (in this case mathematics teaching in French secondary schools); when meeting other theoretical frames. Evidencing its missing resources (Chevallard & Cirade, 2010) is then a critical issue for a community of research. We will propose to face this issue, developing a reflective investigation in two directions: asking the recent Ph.D. students ...
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La physique du sac de billes (1997)

Présentation des propriétés physiques spécifiques des matériaux granulaires, (poudres et grains) dont le comportement est intermédiaire entre celui d'un solide, d'un liquide ou d'un gaz. De plus, ces matériaux présentent des propriétés qui leur sont propres comme leur réaction à des vibrations ou à des déformations. Il s'agit d'un domaine d'étude en plein essor où se posent des problèmes d'ordre fondamental qui interviennent dans de nombreuses applications industrielles ainsi que dans la nature.GénériqueAuteur-Réalisateur : Alexis MARTINET Conseiller scientifique : Etienne GUYON Co-Producteurs : " Institut de cinématographie scientifique " CNRS Audiovisuel (actuellement CNRS Images/media) Diffuseurs : - Institut de cinématographie ...
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