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An embodied and situated perspective on speech and language- Labex EFL - Lecture 2: The forgotten articulator: How respiration constrains linguistic structure and affects speech at a local and global level (Susanne Fuchs 2019)

In this lecture, I will talk aboutrespiration, a biological rhythm which is flexible and adaptable and cruciallyinvolved in speech production, perception and face-to-face interactions. Basedon different experiments, I will discuss the interplay between respiration andspeech planning in read and spontaneous speech and the respiratory coordinationbetween interlocutors in dialogue. Finally, I will argue that respiration doesnot only deliver the expiratory airstream for speech in long temporal windows(interpausal units), but can also be involved in the production of prominentsyllables.
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An embodied and situated perspective on speech and language- Labex EFL - Lecture 1: Changes and challenges in understanding speech variability: A review over half a century (Susanne Fuchs 2019)

Over the last century, our understanding of variability in the speech signal has undergone a variety of changes. Once regarded as noise in the signal, it has now become a major topic of investigation revealing evidence for the underlying biological, cognitive and social factors of speech. In this overview talk, I will review theories and data discussing variability with respect to visible and audible biological factors as well as structures and mechanisms beneath the surface. Furthermore, I will review how our knowledge about variability and social factors has evolved from long-term adaptations between different social groups to short term adaptations ...
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Centre de gravité et risques de chavirage

Troisième partie du grain "Introduction à la mécanique via l’Hermione" qui se propose d’aborder certains aspects de la mécanique élémentaire en prenant la frégate Hermione comme prétexte. La mécanique est un domaine des sciences de l’ingénieur à mi-chemin entre la physique et les mathématiques. Par bien des aspects, la mécanique est abordée au lycée via les sciences physiques.Dans cette troisième vidéo, on introduit les notions de centre de gravité et de couple pour aborder dans une première approche simple la stabilité des navires.
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Embodying Speech - Lecture 4 - Emergence in Embodied Speech : Sound Change, Ontogeny and Phylogeny (Bryan Gick 2019)

While any theory of speech behavior must ultimately incorporate the human body, modeling bodies has not been a central program in language research. Thinking about the body in quite tangible terms was once a prominent part of modeling speech motor behavior. Joos’ (1948) model of coarticulation was driven by overlapping waves of innervation in muscle activation patterns, while Cooper et al’s. (1958 : 939), “action plans” described speech movements in terms of an inventory of muscle activations : “we may hope to describe speech events in terms of a rather limited number of muscle groups…” Turvey et al. (1978 : 566), however, shifted ...
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