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From Computable Numbers to Curing Cancer : Supercomputing and the Frontiers of Human Discovery

On the 80th anniversary of the most fundamental technological advancement of humankind, computers are omnipresent in our daily reality. To themajority of people, it might be said that what computers "are" is "indistinguishable from magic" since they do not really know "how" computers work. Infact, Turing showed us that "how" they work is quite simple. What they "do" is indeed nothing short of giving humankind themost powerful "tool" ever for amplifying our (individual and collective) intelligence, creativity, and knowledge. How do we understand and quantify theamazing potential ("power") that computers bring to human discovery ?Interestingly, both the computational complexity of ...
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Forum Nîmois - Charles GIDE - SERVENT 23 FEVRIER 2017

Notre association Charles Gide recoit, dans son cycle de conférences le "Forum Nîmois Charle GIDE" dont le président de l'assosiation est Jean MATOUK, professeur des universités, le 23 février 2017 au lycée Alphonse DAUDET de Nimes Pierre SERVENT.Introduction Jean MATOUKNous accueillons ce soir encore une fois, un habitué des médias. Pierre Servent est fréquemment sollicité à « c'est dans l'air », et autres émissions de ce type, pour commenter l'actualité militaire et stratégique. Ce n'est pas un militaire de carrière. Il n'a pas fait Saint Cyr puis une carrière d'officier d'active, même si on va le voir, ...
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1 - PublicDemoS New Forms of Public Agency

Public space is the place for assembly, the hub of democracy as well as the manifestation of power and (dis)empowerment of persons. PublicDemoS Project explores the ways in which new forms of public agency extend politics to everyday life experiences by avenues of artistic expressions and aesthetic forms. The core aim of this project is to understand new politics of performative citizenship and public (un)making in multicultural settings. Project Directed by Nilüfer Göle EHESS/NOMIS Foundation Interviews :1.    Boyan Znepolski, Associate Professor at the Department ...
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